How To Create The Perfect Center Part

An easy way to add ultimate sophistication to a look is to change the part to the center.  It’s has international appeal and screams of style.  The challenge is getting the part to stay straight and sleek. A natural part can be tough to break, most hair falls into place by default and likes where it lands.  Here’s how to conquer the center part.

  • Apply Redken iron shape 11 to towel dried hair for control.
  • Using a Sam Villa Short Styling Comb, comb a slice of hair diagonally across the part with the nozzle of the Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer positioned close and parallel to the comb with heat on medium.
  • Continue slice by slice until the entire part is covered.  Then, change directions and take slices from the opposite side of the part diagonal and over working from back to front.  Hair is dried in an “X” pattern over the natural part on medium heat to break the bonds so they can be reformed.
  • Use the end of the comb to create the part from the back of the head to the front.
  • Place the fine teeth of the comb into each section from underneath at the scalp area, with the teeth facing toward you.
  • Position the outside of the Sam Villa Sleekr® flat iron on top of the teeth of the comb and slowly comb through the section with the outside edge of the iron on top of the comb.
  • Finish with Redken control addict 28 for lasting hold and a matte finish.