How To Cut Hair Around The Ear With Speed And Accuracy (VIDEO)

Looking for a simple and time saving way to effortlessly cut hair around the ear? In less than 2 minutes, Sam shows you how easy this can be accomplished and how he got around it!

First things first, stop chasing the hair!  When we use our professional shear to cut around the ear, we end up chasing the hair - very frustrating, as we have to hold the ear down and cut the hair around it over and over again.

Sam's simple method using a comb to keep the ear out of the way is genius!

For this technique, we are going to work with the wide teeth of the comb:

  1. Place the comb into the hair toward the ear with the spine of the comb facing toward the ceiling.
  2. Now, use the comb to fold the ear down.
  3. As the comb captures the hair come in behind the comb with the shaft of your shear.
  4. Carve out the hair over the ear moving your comb as you go.

You are going to find that you are now in control and not the hair! No more chasing :)