Best Method For Cutting Layers Into Dry Hair

Sam demonstrates two straightforward techniques for applying layers to dry hair in this ‘simple and direct video clip. This is one of our favorite Best Haircutting Techniques!

#1 For hair that is DRY to the touch and feel – the kind of hair that shows every line when you finish your blow dry:

  • Use zigzag partings in your sectioning. This allows the hair much softer and dry/coarse hair won't show the cutting lines.

#2 – For hair that is DRY, not wet:

  • Use a longer blade –(Our 7" Dry Cutting Shear works like a charm), ‘fan’ the ends of your sections, and point cut into them deeply for the ultimate softness on the ends!
  • For those who have not witnessed ‘fanning’, Sam guides us through this hair cutting technique and we know it's one you will use often! You’'ll get it... all you have to do is ‘Just Cut The Darn Thing!’