How To Flat Iron Your Hair

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When it comes to choosing a flat iron that best suites your hair type, there is more to it than size and cost! Who doesn’’t love having the luxury of taking curly hair to straight and stick straight hair to curly.  With technology now, you have this luxury without jeopardizing the health of your hair.  However, if you aren’’t using the correct flat iron, you could be doing more damage than you realize!

Flat Iron Lingo

Because the days of the gold plated, 2″” flat iron are long past us, it’’s important to understand the lingo of the flat iron! What exactly do those plate names mean and why are heat temperature settings key to the health of your hair?


Plate Technology









Heat Technology

Because everyone has a different hair type, your flat iron should always offer adjustable temperature controls. If you have fine hair and you are using a flat iron that has a temperature of over 380° your results will be dry, frizzy and damaged ends! Below are the recommended heat settings according to your hair type:



The Flat Iron and Your Hair Type

Every hair type is going to have its own tips and tricks when it comes to flat ironing. From compression to heat settings, it’’s especially important to pay attention to your hair type.

Here’s a Hot Tip before we get into hair types: When ironing your clothes, you wouldn’t just throw your shirt on the ironing board and begin ironing, would you? No! You would stretch the shirt over the board (creating tension) and then smooth over the shirt slowly to remove wrinkles. Straightening your hair should have the same rules.

Coarse or Curly Hair


Thin, Fine or Naturally Straight Hair

One Iron, Endless Uses

The best part about using a flat iron are the wide variety of uses. It’’s more than just straightening the hair and the possibilities truly are endless! Check out some of these hair ironing techniques below: