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How To Keep Layers Balanced - Especially With Thicker Hair Texture

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    To balance or not to balance, that is the question…. When layering hair with a side part, we are presented with a couple of options:

    1. Balance out the layering with a side part by cutting the layers evenly on both sides of the part
    2. Detach the layers so the hair lays evenly on both sides of the head when your client picks up their hair

    Cut the hair the way your guest prefers it the first time – measure twice, cut once! It all comes down to the set up and the consultation is your key for success! It is imperative to discuss the guests’ needs and wants in the end result. The last thing you want is for your guest to call to come back in to re-cut their hair – and if you cut the layers evenly across the top, there is no re-cutting!

    If you decide on the detachment option there is going to be a lot more weight sitting on the heavy side of the part, particularly at the top corner. You will also have to decide whether or not you will go in and remove some of that weight.

    In this video, Andrew Carruthers gives us the techniques for both options. During the client consultation, show your guest the difference in the mirror. When you set your guests up to really understand the outcome before you cut, expectations will be met and you you will have surpassing results.

    Communication with your guest adds value! Why? Because you are taking time with them, showing the guest that you genuinely care and have their best interest in mind. And if you think that does not go far, think again! She tells her friends and family that you are a stylist who listens. Think about it… How many times have you had a new guest come in and tell you “nobody ever listens to what I want and I rarely receive what I ask for.” Don’t let that be you! Present your guest the point of difference and you will be rewarded with client loyalty and referrals.

    Watch the video above as Andrew Carruthers provides options for cutting balanced layers and how a great client consultation will set you up for success.

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