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How to Maximize Fringe Benefits During the Grow Out Phase

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    Love that fringe, but when it'’s time to go, it’'s so hard to survive that grow out phase.

    BUT, we'’ve come a long way since the notorious plastic headband, today there are so many cool tricks to blend, slick and curl fringe, that sometimes you may even want to halt the grow out mission and enjoy an unexpected length.

    Blend with volume - no one will ever even know you have fringe. Jessica-Alba-fringe-hair

    Slick with Redken Water Wax 03 shine defining pomade - smooth and polished. Kate-Winslet_hair-fringe

    Curl with a Sam Villa Sleekr straightening iron - layers help stack curls and give interesting texture, fringe just joins the party.