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How To Maximize Team Synergy Between Stylists and The Front Desk

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

Have you ever thought about your salon receptionist as your business agent? A well-respected front desk will work for you, generating more revenue for the salon.

Think about it, the front desk is there to support everyone - the stylist, the client and the owner.

Openings on the appointment book are business opportunities! Great front desk people create more business by filling in those openings with appointments from the VIP list (the waiting/cancellation list) - and reaching out to clients about special retail promotions to get them to come into the salon.

So just how powerful is the front desk?

Powerful enough that you want to make friends with them, respect them and treat them as your equal. Everyone in the salon needs to be on the same team!

Listen as Kristie Valenzuela explain the importance of synergy between stylists and the front desk.