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How To Quickly Grow Your Skills And Get More Clients In The Hair Salon

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

Are you hungry? I mean, really hungry to grow your skill-set and your business?

Fact #1 - In today's world, it's all about marketing YOURSELF! Gone are the days for you to rely on "walk-in's" and handing out business cards. We have to be responsible for our own business and it is our responsibility to get ourselves out there!

Fact #2 - If you snooze, you lose! We have got to keep current! Without ongoing education we become stagnant - we lose passion and fall into the same day-to-day techniques. It's all about updating your skills to add more value behind the chair.

Client Consultation

Sam gives us Hot Tips that will support our growth in our business and skillset:

  • Life changing education at The Redken Exchange.
  • Free, on-going education on Sam Villa Professional Blog.
  • Communication builds wealth - add value to your appointment time!
  • How a roll of quarters can help get you noticed - the coolest tip ever!

These are all very simple and quick approaches to building your business – - watch, listen and learn!