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How To Remove Length Using Your Blending Shear

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    In this video, Sam Villa reveals a perfect technique to cut length utilizing his Reversible Blending Shear!

    Observe how Sam uses a back and forth motion to create a soft, straight line working with his shear and the wide end of a comb to guide him through.

    As you watch the video, notice how he is careful to utilize only the shaft of the blades so the tension knob does not get in your way.

    Here is what we learn about our end result:

    • Blunt blade on the bottom creates a hard line underneath.
    • Blunt blade on top creates softness underneath.

    When to apply the placement?

    On surfaces you want to flick up or turn under, use the teeth as your guide. The direction the teeth are facing will influence the hair in that direction.

    There are so many great techniques using the Blending Shear. Check out the How to extract weight and add volume with a blending shear [VIDEO].