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How To Create a Beautiful Twisted Updo in Minutes

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    We all want beautiful results with minimal work. No one wants to spend a lot of time curling their hair. This unkempt twisted hairstyle looks amazing and it will look like you spent hours creating it, but all it takes are few minutes and some hairpins. Keep reading to see how this look is created.


    Brush through your hair to remove and tangles. We recommend the Sam Villa Paddle Brush for smoothing and untangling as it effortlessly glides through the hair. Next, place your part in where you normally wear it.

    Properly sectioning your hair is essential to have a great outcome! Spend the extra time to make sure your part lines are clean, this will make the rest of the hairstyle come together so much easier.


    Section both sides of your hair using a vertical section from your side part to the top of the ears (like you see in the picture above).


    Next, go to the side that you do not have as much hair and take a diagonal section from the part at the ear. You'll begin approximately three inches down from your side part and section across the back slightly off center to the nape area.  This will leave you with three sections.



    Now that you've created three clean sections, begin the updo with the middle section. Twist your hair toward your face until the section is twisted all the way to the bottom.


    Separate a very small piece of hair at the ends and hold this in place while you push the rest of the hair toward your scalp.


    This forces the hair to buckle and create a ruched effect.


    Take a large hairpin and secure the section from the top of the section.


    Take another large hairpin and secure the hair at the bottom of the section.


    Next, begin twisting the other section at the back of your head. Overdirect the section toward the opposite shoulder and twist in the same direction as you did for the first section. Twist the hair again until you reach the ends.


    Repeat the process like you did for the first section, holding a small piece of hair and pushing the rest away from your hand and toward your head.


    Hold the hair in place and secure with large hairpins from the top and bottom to keep the style in place.


    Finally, begin twisting the front section in the same direction as the other two sections until you reach the ends.


    Pinch a small section of hair and push the rest toward where you pinned the other two sections.


    The three sections should now meet just above your ear. Pin the last section into place from the top and bottom and then go back through and add more large hairpins until your style holds into place.



    And here is the finished result! This look is beautiful on it's own or you can add an ornate headband for a more vintage look and feel. The headband in the photos below are from Pink Pewter.



    This beautiful twisted hairstyle shouldn't take you long to complete. Be sure to try a variety of accessories like a handmade flower, a bow or even different headbands to complete this look. Give this a try and share your photos with us on Instagram #samvilla. We can't wait to see your creations!

    Leave your questions comments in the box below and be sure to like this post and share it with your friends if you learned something new today!