How To Teach Your Clients To Blow Dry Their Hair At Home

Teaching our clients to style their hair at home makes us the hero and they become our advertisement!

Sam teaches US how to teach THEM:

  • What type of professional hair dryer to use and why.
  • Why it is important for the client to learn to use a nozzle.
  • Why the client should stand up while drying their hair.
  • Why to take zigzag partings for sectioning.
  • What type of professional brush to use and how to use it correctly.
  • Blow dry techniques to ensure a smooth shiny finish every time.
  • Technique using Sam’s professional texturizing Iron to add volume.
  • Why it is important to know what kind of brush THEY use.

Once we teach them, they stay loyal! We do our clients a grave injustice by letting them walk out the door without teaching them how to style their own hair at home. Be sure to send them home with a thermal heat-protecting product for their hair type. Sam’s products of choice for thermal protection come from Redken’s Heat Styling Collection consisting of five styling aids for all hair types.