The Textured Pomp Double Fold Up Style

The pompadour is a popular hairstyle right now, especially in mens hairdressing, but that doesn't mean you can't incorporate the modern pomp into your up styles!

Products used for this technique:

  • Texturizing Iron - used to create extra volume and fullness in the hair; adds texture so your braids and styles won't slip out.
  • Styling Brush - great for smoothing out the texture and making the hair managable.
  • Large grips.
  • Long hairpins.
  • Redken control addict 28 hairspray.

In this video, Sam Villa demonstrates how to use your texturizing iron to create huge volume by using it for backcombing the hair to create your pompadour shape. After you backcomb the hair you can smooth out and mold the shape perfectly with your Styling Brush.

As the technique progresses, you will learn how to criss-cross the length of the hair to fold and cross the hair across the center to the opposite side. The result is a two strand weave with a pompadore in the front. Sam shows how to finish the bottom with the knotting technique that sits perfectly below the criss-cross design.

double pompadour hairstyle

Make sure to check out the texturizing Iron and discover how you can make fine hair thicker!