Improve your hair salon retail sales by working as a team

Within every salon and spa, there are service providers who believe that the front desk intentionally come in and mess up their day and schedule! What if you could change their mindset from competing to believing?

Follow these simple rules and watch how your book as well as relationship with your front desk team grows BIGGER, BETTER and STRONGER each and every day! A service provider's income relies on the volume of services performed in a given time period.

The best way to maximize your income is to plan your schedule! When you walk into the salon, the first thing you should do is check your schedule to see what is on the books for the day. But, remember, it's not what is "on the books" that counts; it's what is "not on the books!". Why? The appointments that are already set on your schedule for the day are considered "guaranteed" income.

You need to concentrate on the openings and opportunities in the day and pre-plan a strategy with the front desk to fill those any openings and opportunities so that you can maximize your profit potential. Picture This:

  • You are scheduled to work from 9-5.
  • You have three appointments for women’s haircuts scheduled throughout the day, but you notice that you have 30-minute gaps in between starting at 1:00.
  • If you could close your gaps throughout the day, it will leave more time at the end of the day to schedule in more clients or to provide additional services.

What Should Happen?

  • Talk to your front desk and let them know that you would like to better fill your schedule.
  • Request that they call the clients ahead of time and let them know you had some last- minute cancellations.
  • Give the clients some options:
    • Ask if they would like to come in earlier.
    • Offer a few additional services that would fit into the available 30 minutes.
  • Once you have openings, ask the front desk to do some wake up calls for overdue clients.

Jot Down These Scripts

  • "Hi Laura, Josie had a cancellation today. She can actually get you in earlier today if that would work better for your schedule. Will 1:00 work better for you than 3:00 today?".
  • "Hi Laura, Josie just had a cancellation after your appointment, leaving her with fifteen extra minutes. She can include a REDKEN CHEMISTRY or a Shades EQ conditioning gloss with your service today. I know you've had them in the past and wanted to be sure that I told you about the opportunity to have it added to your service today. Can I tell Josie to include that when you come in to see her?".

By communicating with the front desk and asking for their support, you can fill your schedule and everyone will have more opportunity to meet their goals with more clients coming through the door. And, you'll get an A+ for customer service because you customers will feel like they are special and in the loop.

What scheduling challenges have you overcome by collaborating with your front desk?