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Jennifer Lawrence For Dior's Fall Winter 2013 Ad Campaign - Defying Gravity

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    If there’'s anyone who doesn'’t think the new Dior ads with J. Law aren’t FAB, we don’t want to hear about it! Love how her hair is reaching for the stars.

    For this look, try Textur Lacing – this technique alters hair’s texture giving it mega staying power, straight up!

    • Apply Redken Iron Shape 11 and directionally professional blow dry hair up and back with your Sam Villa Styling Brush to create volume in the front.
    • Target where to build volume and section hair in that area into slices.
    • Randomly compress each section from top to bottom with the Sam Villa Textur® Iron.
    • Backcomb each section with your Sam Villa Tail Comb by holding hair up 90° with four fingers and the palm of the hand – three long strokes to build a cushion and then lighter strokes working towards the ends.
    • Brush hair up and back keeping the volume on top and secure hair in back.
    • Spray Redken Control Addict 28 high-control hairspray for hold.

    jennifer-lawrence_dior_fall-winter-2013 jennifer-lawrence_dior_fall-winter-2013jennifer-lawrence_dior_fall-winter-2013 jennifer-lawrence_dior_fall-winter-2013 jennifer-lawrence_dior_fall-winter-2013

    How fabulous is J. Law and her hair ... We're in love. Source: Dior Magazine | Photo Credit: Dior