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The Edge of Glamour - Lady Gaga's Flawless 2015 Emmy Hairstyle

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    The 2015 Emmy Award Show proved that bob’s are still the hottest 'do in Hollywood – and good thing as it soared to three digit temps on the red carpet pre-show!  Long hair would certainly not have stayed looking as good as these bob’s!

    Glistening stars could not help their dewy faces; we witnessed many with blotting papers and a quick makeup touch up right on stage for Amy Schumer and Amy Poehler’s first award presentation of the night.

    We loved Lady Gaga’s Glamour bob, we loved Adam Sandler as host and we loved that Game of Thrones won Outstanding Drama!  The hair from this epic HBO program has inspired so many of us in the last 4 years – Braid Parades for Days! 

    Read below for tips on how to re-create Lady Gaga’s "Glamour Bob"

    Styling Tools of Choice

    Styling Products of Choice

    • Redken Diamond Oil glow dry style enhancing blow dry lotion.
    • Redken pillow proof blow dry express primer.
    • Redken guts 10 volume spray foam.
    • Redken triple take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray.

    We are giving you the styling tools and styling products we feel would work for Lady’s Gaga’s hair type and length - Dense, Thick, Bleached and Mid-Length.

    The Prep

    • Apply Diamond Oil glow dry style enhancing blow dry lotion to damp hair (we recommend this styling product for LG’s bleached hair) and layer guts 10 volume spray foam.
    • If the hair is not bleached, begin with pillow proof blow dry express primer on damp hair and layer with guts 10 volume spray foam.

    The Blow Dry


    • With the narrow nozzle attached to your professional blow dryer, wrap dry with a paddle brush using the head as a large roller.
    • Brush the hair up and over the head and side to side until about ½ way dry.
    • Now divide the nape area into left and right sections.

    Utilize one-inch sections at 45 degrees BELOW 90 degrees from the head.

    • We know that 90 degrees is straight out from the head.
    • Pull the section 90 degrees from the head then drop it to 45 degrees.
    • Wrap the section around your 2” thermal brush ensuring the 45-degree angle.
    • Release the brush in each section and pin to cool.

    HOT TIP - Off Base Brush Placement (click here to learn in detail about on base, half off base and off base blow drying to achieve different types of volume and results.

    Using this ‘off base’ technique placement of the brush for the back and sides with thermal brushes will result in the least amount of volume off the scalp.  This is the placement for today’s modern looks from approximately the occipital and below to keep the hair closer to the scalp for a sleek end result. Move on to the middle back section with the same ‘off base’ technique as the nape until the middle section is completely dry.


    • Move to the sides with the paddle brush and dry to 75%.
    • Direct the light side – opposite the part – up and back in a ‘C’ formation back away from the hairline.
    • Pick up the large 1.5” thermal brush and begin the ‘off base’ technique until completely dry.
    • Move on to the heavy side drying sections in a more forward direction at a slight diagonal down.


    Use the Half Off Base for the crown:

    • One-inch sections are taken 90 degrees from the head.
    • Wrap the section around your 1” thermal brush ensuring the 90-degree angle straight out from the head.

    NOTE – Notice the amount of space between the scalp and the area where the hair begins to curve around the brush is decreased compared to the placement Off Base.

    • Tap the dryer at the base of the section.
    • Continue to tap the base until dry.
    • Move on to the mid shaft until dry, ensuring 90 degrees straight out from the head.
    • Move on to the ends ensuring 90 degrees straight out from the head.
    • Pick up the ends of the section to be sure they wrap around the brush to result in smoothness throughout the ends – especially with bleached hair.
    • Once the section is dry, wrap it back up to the scalp, hair in brush, following through with the dryer ensuring 90 degrees straight out from the head.
    • Pin to cool and set.

    FRINGE - The heavy side of the part

    • Pick up the paddle brush and grab the hair into the brush at the scalp on a slight angle to the part - blow dry upward for some smooth lift.
    • Pick up the 2” thermal brush and execute the ‘half off base’ technique keeping sections on the diagonal back.
    • This direction will create movement up and to the side that will have staying power.
    • Pin to cool and set.

    HOT TIP - If you are looking for more ‘under’ direction on the sides of the face, take a large barrel curling iron and bump 2 inches of the ends forward and under making sure not to close the clamp all the way or you will create a curl instead of just a stronger movement.

    For the ultimate staying power without the ‘crunch’, finish the look with Redken triple take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray.

    The bob is one hairstyle that every stylist should master! Check out BOBology, Sam Villa's 1st haircut video in the Aspire Tour Series video collection. This haircut will set you up to become a master on the modern bob hairstyle!

    Use the comment box below and let us know what you thought of Gaga's hairstyle at the Emmy's!