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Late Night with Tev Finger Featuring Sam Villa

Lainee Read

Author Lainee Read | Social Media Manager, Sam Villa

Season 2 of Late Night with Tev Finger (LNWTF), “the uncensored voice of the industry,” debuts on Tuesday, November 29th on YOUTUBE. Sam Villa, founding partner for Sam Villa and Education Artistic Director for Redken, was thrilled to be part of the episode airing on December 2nd, also featuring Sandy Poirier, Owner of Shag Salon in Boston.

SAM-VILLA What an honor it was to be a guest on the hair industry's first late night talk show!

LNWTF is the hair industry’s first late night talk show. It mixes humor, games, skits and vignettes to showcase the best of the hair industry in a FUN, unconventional and unfiltered manner. The goal of the show is to elevate the industry, induce laughter and entertain. And just like other late nigh shows, all are fair game - stylists, salon owners, independents, manufacturers, and even friends get in on the fun. And because it is a brand agnostic media provider, topics are discussed in an authentic open dialogue.


SAM-VILLA-8 Things got really serious on LNWTF.. tune in December 2nd!

“I really like the show’s mission of exposing talent, educating, communicating and elevating our craft. Any educator in our industry, regardless of brand affiliation wants the same thing – to share knowledge and make our industry better,” says Villa. Finger says the show is for anyone who wants to “laugh, chill and learn,” and with guests like Garren, Vivienne MacKinder, Eden Sassoon, Zac Mascolo and Maggie Mulhern (to name just a few) there are plenty of surprises, chuckling and entertainment, as well as frank conversation about serious industry issues and valuable education.