Learn the Fundamentals of Texturizing Hair

When it comes to texturizing hair, there are many different factors that come into play.

  • The type of cutting tool that you choose: A professional shear with a short or longer blade, a texturizing or blending shear or a razor. Each of these cutting tools produce a different result.
  • The type of section that you take: vertical, horizontal, diagonal forward or diagonal back. Vertical sections tend to take out more weight and looks softer. Horizontal sections keep more weight, strength and density. Diagonal sections produce texture that is in-between vertical and horizontal.
  • How you approach the hair: From the inside-out or the outside-in. Example of outside-in would be point cutting... think texture on the ends and overall length reduced. Example of inside-out would be slicing... less reduction of weight on the outside and more texture on the inside.

Discover the proper cutting tool, sectioning and technique that will allow you to achieve the type of texture you are trying to create. Watch this video with Andrew Carruthers, Cultural Ambassador for Sam Villa for in-depth learning on the fundamentals of texturizing hair.