Lower Your Iron Temperature For Maximum Shine and Color That Lasts Longer

Hair color need a little boost? Close the cuticle with a professional flat iron - the key is using a safe temperature setting. High heat explodes bonds in hair color molecules, so when it's applied to colored treated hair, the bonds break and color goes down the drain.

Use medium heat on color treated hair so that color molecules stay put. The cuticle is the only visible part of hair, so its condition directly relates to how hair looks and feels.

When the cuticle is open, frizz, split ends and dullness occur. Flat ironing closes the cuticle resulting in maximum light reflection that intensifies color and shine. The Sam Villa Signature Series SLEEKR® flat iron protects the integrity of hair with Targeted Temperature Technology that ensures consistent temperatures for specific hair types.

Temperatures are represented by LEDS so you always know your working temperature. LOW (Green) 375°F for fine hair, COLOR TREATED (Amber) 392°F and HIGH (Red) 410°F for resistant and virgin hair types.

Watch as Sam explains the three color settings on the SLEEKR Flat Iron.