How to make more money in your Hair Salon

After the Front Desk greets your guest, provides them with a scripted tour of your salon as well as certain specials and opportunities for the day, the guest now resides in the stylist's hands! It's now our job as a service provider to continue the trend initiated by the Support Staff.

Ultimately, creating Team Synergy amongst the Front Desk Team and the Service Provider and increasing overall revenue in the salon.


Redken's "Art Of Consultation" is a tool that stylists can use to transform a typical "consultation" into a custom hair plan based on the needs of the guest through facial shapes, skin tones, etc... Stylists can use this to create that specific look for the guest as well as get them on a schedule for future visits to maintain their look.

Through the consultation the stylist is able to reopen the window of opportunities to offer additional services that the guest might already be thinking of, due to the efforts set forth by the front desk. The seeds have all been planted; the service provider has the chance now to make them grow!

Throughout the guest's service, it is the stylists job to educate, educate & educate. By offering different tips related to the beauty industry, the guest not only feels like he/she is in good hands, but they feel that you will go the extra mile to make sure they are taken care of.

Relate to different celebrities highlighted in the latest magazines and keep up to date on current events. Explain to your guest how celebrities contribute to certain beauty trends. For example, the Kardashians having a large effect on guests going from hair color that is soft and caramel to deep, dark, rich browns. Develop scripts that can help you deliver information to your guests quicker and faster. Inform the guest the look they see today can be replicated at home with the tools and products you are using on them throughout the course of their visit. Provide the information with the Front Desk so they can help close the sale at the time of checkout.

Team synergy is defined when two or more people work together to achieve one common goal. When the Service Provider and the Front Desk Team are working together through communication, not only is the guest happy but the rewards are endless.

Teamwork is the key to success!