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Mess Or Dress A Braid

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    You've seen them. You're creating them. The braid parade is marching on!


    Braids are the easiest look to give your client to walk out the door looking fresh and femme! The looks are HOT and trending on runways, in fashion mags, on the streets and on TV (Games of Thrones, Rites of Passage). Dress them with perfection or mess them for urban glamour.

    We all know that braiding fine hair can be challenging as it often leaves the hair flat against the head. The solution is Sam Villa Textur® Iron When you texturize the entire head prior to braiding the end result will give you 2-3 times thicker and fuller hair! The braids will stay in the hair longer with the iron impressions and for versatility the style can be changed to create different looks until shampooed out.

    Hot Tip: Invest in a quality shower cap to keep the texture in place for 3-5 days between washing hair.

    Check out these braid techniques from Sam: •