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Modeling Short: Coco Rocha Cuts It All Off

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    You know short is here to stay when model after model goes a snippin.

    Coco Rocha chopping off inches of her auburn hair is a great example to show clients looking for a new look or interested in making over-processed hair disappear. Smooth, closely cropped boyish cuts like this and the one below are stylish enough for the runway, yet adaptable and wearable for everyday women.

    To cut these short, tilted, androgynous styles, undercut tight in the nape up through to the occipital, and leave longer top layers swept to the side by a directional blow-dry. coco-rocha-hair-cut-before-after   coco-rocha-hair

    To achieve the smooth tight finish, try this:

    1. Apply Redken Iron Shape 11 at a minimum of 6" away from the section.
    2. Place the fine teeth of the comb into each section from underneath at the scalp area, with the teeth facing toward you.
    3. Position the outside of the Sam Villa professional straightening iron on top of the teeth of the comb and slowly comb through the section with the outside edge of the iron on top of the comb.
    4. Finished with Redken quick tease 15 for lasting hold and a matte finish.

    Watch this video for a demonstration on how to create a smooth tight finish with your flat iron.