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Multiple Identity Men's Haircut How-To

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

David 'Buster' Boyd from the Sam Villa ArTeam is active on his Instagram account posting almost daily to promote his services and skills as a form of marketing and to show off his barbering skills. We highly recommend posting before & after photos & videos of your work in the salon if you're not already!

We asked David to break down this haircut and as always, he delivers. Let's get to the step-by-step. When asked about this haircut David stated, "to be honest this is the one cut I get the most requests for right now. I hear Sam constantly talking about the concept of dual or multiple identity in cuts and styles.

This is a great cut for those who want to be able to style their hair in two or more different ways. You will see that this cut is easy to accomplish as well as simple to adapt to various head shapes and hair types." The first step is simple, but it is also very important so it is worth taking your time. We begin by deciding where to place the part. The part also serves as our point of detachment in this haircut.

The higher, or lower you place the part, the more bold or dramatic the style can appear. By placing the part neatly on top of the parietal ridge (or round of the head) the cut and style can remain fairly conservative. At this point, we simply cut the hair close to the head using either a clipper or shear over comb technique depending on how severe or soft the guest would like the cut to feel. I will usually add a low to medium fade technique with my clippers to allow the cut to last a little bit longer for my guest. On the side opposite from our part, the hair is completely blended in the transition area between the side of the head and the top. We now have one side of the cut that is completely detached while the other is completely blended.

The hair on the top of the head is cut at two times finger length, maintaining a fairly square expanded shape through the mohawk section. One of the reasons my guys love this cut so much, is that it is extremely easy to style on a daily basis. Another reason is because it is extremely versatile and can be styled in at least three or four different ways. The first way, would be to pull the hair away from the detachment; creating a hard part with a substantial styling product like Redken For Men Polish Up Pomade. Another way to style would be to use a professional blow dryer to create movement and volume away from the blended side.

Using Redken For Men Dishevel Fiber Cream to manipulate the hair towards and over our detachment, we accomplish a bold undercut look and feel. That is "Dual Identity" and it builds value for our guests.

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