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Paint With A Razor [VIDEO] - A Sam Villa Razor Cutting Technique

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

Painting is a freehand technique - think about sketching with a pencil, this is all about ‘sketching-in’ texture. This technique is great for those with really straight hair that complain about lack of volume and movement.

Paint With A Razor Technique - Step by Step

  1. Mist section of dry hair with Redken shine flash 02 glistening mist to give hair a little slip.
  2. Comb through section to release tangles.
  3. Hold the Sam Villa Signature Series Razor/Straight with Guard vertically and make a ‘sketching motion’ into the section where weight should be removed.
  4. To take out more weight - sketch across in a crosshatch diagonally pattern.
  5. Rake hands through the section to see the shape start to collapse and gain movement.
  6. Use a lightweight motion as if painting with a paintbrush, but get as aggressive as needed to take the weight out.
  7. Control how much hair is taken out by the angle of the blade.
  8. This technique is best done on dry hair to better determine the amount of hair being removed. It is also not suggested for naturally curly hair.

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