How To Palm Your Shears When Cutting Hair: Crane Handle Shear Palming Tips

"HEEEEELP! I just got these awesome new Sam Villa crane handle shears and I seem to be struggling with how to hold or palm them while I'm cutting hair. What’s going on?" We do hear this from time to time and fortunately, we’ve got the tips and tricks to have you rocking and rolling your new professional shears in no time!

Whether you are a recent graduate of Cosmetology School or a 30-year veteran stylist, making the transition to a crane handle shear can in some cases be a slight challenge. For starters, congratulations on making the decision to cut healthier. By being able to hold your shears in the natural hand position and not having to keep your elbow elevated, you will add years to your cutting career and avoid potential injuries and expensive surgeries that will keep you from working behind the chair.

A very common challenge for some stylists who switch from and opposing grip or offset shear to a crane handle design is palming the shear, especially if your hands happen to be on the smaller side. This happens because the thumb ring on a crane handle shear is set farther forward. If you simply close your hand like you would with other types of shears, the thumb ring will bump into the fatty tissue under the thumb instead of being directed the middle of the hand. This can be a hindrance, even to a stylist with larger hands.

When palming a crane handle shear, think more about placing the blade into the area between your thumb and index finger. When doing so you will force the thumb ring over to the middle of the palm. This will allow you to palm your shear and comb in comfort. See the diagram below to discover the easiest way to palm your shears when cutting hair.

We hope this little tip helps you get used to your crane handle shears. For any additional information, contact Sam Villa Customer Service at 1-888-812-1115 Ext 3. Learn more about Sam Villa shears and the ergonomic benefits.

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