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Plan Your Day For Profit - Hair Salon Tips

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

We all have had those days when we come into the salon planning on a jammed packed day full of color and full highlight appointments, and then we look at the schedule and realize half of our day fell apart! These are the days we think to ourselves, “What am I going to do now?”.

It’s ok! There are many different ways to rebuild your book even on the same day it falls apart.

The openings throughout your day can be filled if you get creative on a few self-promotions and team up with the front desk to support you!

  • Wake-Up Calls: This is a list of clients who are currently due for their next service with you, but did not pre-book their next appointment, and have not booked their appointment yet. This is an upgraded signature service that top salons in America have implemented.  Many computer systems have the wake-up call option if a client does not pre-book.  Check with your computer software company to see if yours has this capability.
  • Maximize This Week’s Schedule: If your day is falling apart, look at the next few days or even the following week to see if there is a client that may be interested in the opportunity of moving to today’s schedule.
  • Team Up With Your Teammates: If you work in a full-service salon or spa, team up with other service providers to let them know when you are open and what upgrades of daily offerings you have designed. Ask permission to talk with their clients to offer a complimentary consultation, etc.
  • Missing In Action Clients: Go back through your schedule over the last six months to see who have not been in for a while. Call them and offer a daily special or incentive to come back in. A great phone script would be “Hey Jenny, this is Jackey from Shear Art, I’ve noticed it’s been 12 weeks since your last color. Redken just came out with their new color line: Chromatics Multi-Dimensional Color and it made me think of you! I have time today between 3pm-5pm, if you come in today, save $20!"

Offer Self-Promotions: Utilize your front desk to make the wake-up calls, or call your clients you haven’t seen in a while.  Offer specials or complimentary upgraded services if they come in today. Here are some ideas:

  • Free haircut with any color or chemical service.
  • Complimentary Redken Chemistry Conditioning Treatment with any color service.
  • $10 OFF a shampoo style after a facial or skin care appointment.
  • Bring a friend today and you both get a $20 voucher off any $50 service.
    • A great phone script would be, “Hello Felicia, this is Jackey from Shear Art Salon, I’m calling because Laura is running a special today. You can save $20 off your cut and color service if you bring a friend for cut and color, and we will give your friend $20 off too!" This gives the service provider the opportunity to meet a new face, offer retail, add additional services, pre-book, and ask for referrals.

Maximize each day you are in the salon! Get creative, don’t be afraid of discounts, and get ready to take control of your future and your money! Written by: Jackey Bell Contributor  Crystal Focus Coaching