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Powerful Tips for Opening and Closing Retail Sales

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

Are you an artist or a sales person? In today’s economy and for everyone’s benefit, we need to be both!

Retailing product to your clients is key for their loyalty to you, not to mention extra funds for you and growth for the salon! We do a grave injustice by ignoring this important step to success!

In this video, Sam speaks with Kristi Valenzuela of Crystal Focus on tips for successful salon retailing:

Opening The Sale

  • Who are those greeters in the front of retail stores folding clothes and why are they there?
  • The phone call coming in for the appointment.
  • The phone call going out to confirm the appointment.
  • The front desk when the client walks in.

Closing The Sale

  • Client interaction during styling.
  • The front desk love note.
  • The importance of product guarantee.

Listen close - these tips are easily integrated into your daily groove!

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