Razor Undercut Tutorial Using Razor Over Comb Technique

Now that we have seen Part 1 & Part 2 of this razor haircut series, Sam continues with the same model to show us how to take the hair shorter that sits beneath the parietal ridge. This technique can be incorporated into cuts you are already doing.

For this technique, we continue to use a professional razor with the texturizing razor blade, also called a 9-Gap – a blade that is notched. This blade will leave the ends really soft and pliable as opposed to a straight blade that will take out more hair and leave the ends more blunt.

This technique is best done on wet hair, as the hair is easier to control. This modernized Pixie technique will incorporate razor-over-comb. The technique will allow the haircut to grow out with much better pliability, texture and movement without taking the hair too short. End result? Soft under-layers that continue to have movement when growing out!

When doing this technique, use the end of the comb with the teeth spaced far apart for thicker hair and the end of the comb with the teeth closer together for finer hair. Remember to use a light comb on dark hair and a dark comb on light hair so you can really see what you are cutting.

In the video above you'll notice how Sam glides through this technique moving and elevating the comb to achieve soft graduation. Wherever you place the comb will determine the length. Pay attention to how he uses the spine of the comb to capture the hair and the placement of the razor on top of the spine – a great rhythm!

You will observe several areas of the head that were cut in the first two razor video techniques. Sam is giving us yet another means of layering and using a razor – thinking the same and doing different!