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Recreate Lauren Conrad's Dimensional Bangs

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    Lauren Conrad is always playing with her hair - she cut a fringe this week and her shiny dimensional bangs make her eyes pop and her buttery caramel Ombré sing!

    Follow these tips for cutting & styling a fringe:

    1. Cutting fringe dry allows the natural texture and growth pattern to be taken into consideration when deciding on a length.
    2. When styling fringe, always dry fringe first to control the natural texture and erratic growth patterns. Letting fringe dry naturally before styling allows the hair to form to its natural texture making it more difficult to stretch dry and control.
    3. Use a comb instead of a brush when drying fringe - it gets closer to the scalp and provides more tension to control natural texture and redirect erratic growth patterns.

    Go for maximum visual contrast between the comb and hair to increase visibility - use black combs on lighter hair and ivory combs on darker hair.

    Always use the fine-toothed end of a comb in an X pattern (comb to the left and then to the right), fine teeth allow for maximum tension and control when redirecting hair.