Sam Villa Razor Cutting: How To Remove Interior Density in the Fringe Area

The razor is an emotional tool! When using a razor... relax your grip. When you hold a razor with a tight grip (and maybe some aggression) you can end up cutting off more than you planned, so focus on keeping a loose grip.

In this technique, you're going to learn how to remove interior density & weight using a razor. I like to use this technique in the fringe area to release the weight inside without effecting the ends. Here's how it's done:

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The Cutting Technique:

  1. Hold your razor like you're writing your name with a pencil.
  2. Take a horizontal slice in the fringe area and elevate straight out from the head.
  3. Insert your razor near the scalp with the blade facing your body. You'll then cut with the toe (end of the razor) and slide it out toward your body, just past the midway point of your section.
  4. Then slide the razor down so the heel (bottom) of the razor blade is touching the hair and push the hair back toward the head. The motion is similar to backcombing hair.
  5. Continue with the "toe & heel" cutting technique, inserting near the scalp, cutting with the toe of the razor to slide out and then pushing the hair back with the heel of the toe.
  6. The end result will create softness in the interior surface of the hair.

Give this technique a try, we know you'll love it!