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Sam Villa Visits Raylon Corp. For Workshop With Stylists

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    sam-villa-demonstrates-braiding-at-raylonTop over, bottom over. Top strand over, bottom over. Gripping locks of hair from a brunette mannequin, Sue Hankee recited the pattern aloud, only to come to a realization once she reached the end.

    "Oh, I did mine too tight," the Lehigh County-based hair stylist admitted, taking the strands apart to give it another go.

    Nearby, mannequin heads sat on tables, attended to by more than 50 other stylists, all trying their hand at the newly-learned S Braid.

    It was just another Monday afternoon at The Gallery, Raylon Corp.'s training and education center on Morgantown Road in Reading. On this particular Monday, though, the name onstage was a big one... Read the full article and see the pics at readingeagle.com.

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