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Scarlett Johansson Hairstyles - Street Sleek VS Bedroom Brio

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    What a woman - Scarlett Johansson wears it all so well! Fresh off the movie set of Captain America 2, we love her long, straight Lob as well as her sexy ‘set’ from Broadway’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof!


    Get both looks with the Sam Villa professional straightening iron: Street Sleek

    • Lightly spray Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide at least 6 inches away from your section.
    • Using the wide teeth of your professional Long Cutting Comb, comb the product through the section.
    • Place comb underneath and begin to move it down the section.
    • Place your iron into the section and begin to move the iron before you close it to avoid any lines of demarcation.
    • Slow the speed down to get more concentration of heat, compression and tension all working at once.

    In just one pass you will be able to create a beautiful sleek section!


    Bedroom Brio: Ribbon Curl

    Hot Tip - The size of your section determines the looseness or tightness of the end result. For this look, use large sections.

    • Lightly spray Redken iron shape 11 at least 6 inches away from your section.
    • Comb product through the section.
    • Place the section in between the plates of your Sam Villa Sleekr® Flat Iron as you would if you were going to straighten the section.
    • Flick your wrist downward to get the most volume at the base of the section.
    • Hold on the to ends of the section and begin to move the iron through the section – move at a slow pace to encourage the curl.
    • Release the ends from your hand and continue to follow through the ends.