When Shopping For New Professional Shears - Size Matters

When it comes to shopping for professional shears, size matters!

Many stylists with small hands seek shorter shears and those with larger seek longer shears, but it's not the length of the blade that's the main concern, it's the size of the finger and thumb holes that are vital.

Want the perfect fit? Follow these shear searching tips:

  1. Place shear in hand and note the finger and thumb holes. Are the holes too large, do they need more rings? Are they too tight, do rings need to be taken out? Are the holes perfect without any rings at all?
  2. Critique the width of the shear when palming (if you don't palm, width is not an issue).
  3. Observe the length of the blades - do they stick out too much when palmed... not enough?
  4. Adjust the tension and open and close shears to get a feel for the amount of resistance, the less resistance there is, the smoother they will cut.

Check out Sam Villa Signature Series Shears - they have removable finger and thumb rings for adjusting your grip!

Watch the video below to learn how to adjust your Sam Villa Signature Series Shears