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Slip Tie Ponytail | Creative Way to Wear a Ponytail

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

The ponytail could possibly be a girl's best friend and why not? There are a number of ways to wear a ponytail, whether it's a low, high, messy or braided pony. But let's take it a step further and add some visual interest and character by incorporating the slip tie effect to modernize the ponytail.

This technique is super simple, it doesn't require a lot of time and the end result is beautiful! Before you begin, you'll need to place the hair into a ponytail. If you haven't watched our video on how to place a ponytail, you need to do that first. Click here to watch the video.

Tools & Products For Success

How To Create a Slip Tie Ponytail

Take a small amount of Redken move ability 05 and emulsify in your hands then distribute throughout the ponytail making sure that you coat the outside, also run your fingers through the interior of the ponytail to evenly coat the ponytail. This will keep your ponytail looking polished and easier to manage throughout the technique. Comb through the ponytail one time using a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute the product and smooth out the ponytail.

Reach behind the ponytail and take a small section from the right and left side. Take a small amount of Redken move ability 05 (keep some on the outsite of your hand between your thumb and index finger) and work it through your sections.

Cross the left section over the right and tie the hair like you would a shoelace.

Palm the ponytail along with the section you just tied and place a single prong clip on the right and left side to hold your sections in place.

Before moving to the next section, apply a small amount of Redken move ability 05 to the ponytail below your clips then comb through using your wide tooth comb. Take two more small sections (about the same size as your previous sections) behind the ponytail and work some Redken move ability 05 throughout the sections before tying your next knot.

Cross your right section over the left and tie another knot. Move your clips down and secure your sections into your ponytail to keep in place.

Continue this process, taking a small section from each side behind the ponytail, working your cream paste through each section, crossing left over right tying a knot, then moving your clips down to keep the slip tie in place, until you reach the bottom of your ponytail –– about 3-4” from the end of the ponytail.

Make sure all of your knots are nice and tight, the way you want them to look, then secure with a clear elastic below the last knot that you tied.

You can leave the end of your ponytail as it is or pick up your blow dryer and direct the air toward the ends, fanning out the hair on a low speed to create a flower effect. Spray Redken fashion work 12 hairspray into the airflow of the dryer to distribute throughout the ends of the ponytail to keep the style in place.

The finished result should resemble a ladder, which is a series of slip knots on the outside of the ponytail. Simple, easy and beautiful!