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Summer’s Hottest Hairstyle – Really Loose Waves

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    Summer 2014 is finally here! And with the summer comes heat and humidity. How do we battle the elements to keep the hairdo lasting longer? It’s all in the execution. This season the waves are sleek and loose – a great look for everyday. Check out this technique to get the look and longevity.

    • Apply Redken Pillow Proof dry express primer with heat protection to damp hair (product is not an option, it's a necessity) to protect the hair from the heat of your dryer and irons
    • Blow dry your hair with a Sam Villa Paddle Brush in a flat wrap technique to get the hair really smooth
    • Once dry, divide the hair into 2 sections – top and bottom – isolate the top section with a clip about 1-½ to 2 inches above the ear (at the hair's recession area)
      • Important to clip loosely as to avoid clip marks
    • Begin with the bottom section
    • At the top of this section, take a horizontal parting approximately as long as the barrel of your curling iron or curling wand
      • The finer the hair, the larger the section for a loose end result
      • Spray this section and all other sections with Redken iron shape 11 finishing thermal spray at least 6 inches away from each section and comb through
    • Place the barrel on top of the section close to the head and wrap the hair around the barrel with your fingers
      • If using a curling iron, you will not be utilizing the clamp
    • Keep the hair wrapped only until you feel the hair is warm
    • Release the section and secure with a single prong clip

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    • Continue around the entire head working your way down to the bottom hairline securing each section with clips
    • For the top section, begin at the natural part with the same technique and continue around the entire top section
      • For more waves in the top section take less hair in your partings
      • Secure with clips
    • For even looser waves, forget the clips and let each waved section fall  - gravity will loosen the wave
    • Place a drop or two of Redken Diamond Oil Shatter Proof Shine in your hands and gently rake your hands through the hair
    • Finish with Redken Control Addict 28 hairspray for a great hold and all day humidity control
    • HOT TIP – If using a spring clamp curling iron, remove the kickstand by unscrewing it from the iron for easier maneuvering.  Use a silicone mat to lay it on as to not scorch your counter top.  You can find these mats in a variety of colors in your local departments store kitchen section

    Watch this video to learn a simple way to create beach waves with your flat iron.