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Super Bruno!

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra


    The Seahawks made history destroying the Broncos, earning their first Super Bowl championship and Bruno Mars made history of his own with the best halftime HAIR!! That coiffed pomp held its shape through the rockin' drum set, soulful singing and slick dancing.

    Whoever didn't know who Bruno Mars was before, knows now and you can bet they want his Motown-pop swag and smooooooth hair.

    Andrew Carruthers, Director of Education for Sam Villa® gives a how to. Super-Bowl-Halftime-Show-Bruno-Mars_Hair-3


    • Part off the top and crown of the head by creating a horseshoe shaped section around the head following the bottom edge of the vertical curve down into the mid occipital area.
    • Using a Sam Villa professional dry cutting shear and Sam Villa short cutting comb, cut the lower portion scissor-over-comb using the thickness of the comb as a guide for length at the bottom and graduating to about ¾ inch at the top of the section. Switch between the wide length of the comb for removing length and the fine teeth for detailing.
    • Create a new horseshoe shaped parting right at the top of the vertical curve.
    • Use vertical sections through this area, elevate hair to 90 degrees horizontal and continue a graduated finger angle using the bottom section as your guide, continuing longer towards the top.
    • Take a one-inch section down the center of the top section stretching from the crown to the forehead to create guide for the top.
    • Elevate the section straight up 90 degrees vertical from the top of the head and cut from shortest at the crown to longest at the front hairline (approximately 2 inches at the crown to 5 inches at the hairline).
    • Continue taking parallel sections using the center section for a traveling guide and continue the same elevation until you reach the detachment at the round of the head.
    • Take diagonal back section between the top and the detached area in the round of the head and use a Sam Villa Reversible Blending Shear to create a few points of connection between the two lengths. Your finger angle will be steeper at the front edge where the length on top is longest.