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3 Techniques When Using A Longer Blade Is Recommended

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa


When should I use longer blade? A longer blade gives us better range of motion and will feel more comfortable vs. a shorter blade while cutting in specific areas and using specific techniques.

Why struggle when picking up a longer professional shear will make all the difference? Work smarter, not harder by using a longer blade for these cutting techniques:

Bob's and Zero Elevation Cuts

  • Longer blades serve you best to marry lines with less cutting action.
  • The professional dry Cutting shear's forward set thumb position and crane handle design positions your cutting hand away from the client's body - resulting in easier cutting against the skin.

Slide Cutting:

  • Longer blades allow for continuous movement through an entire section - shorter blades make for larger margin of error as you may need to stop in the middle of the section to reposition your hands.

Scissor Over Comb

  • Your comb and shear are wider than your fingers allowing you to work faster as you move through the head.