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The Abi Factor

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    Is Abi the one to watch? We think so!

    You might not know her but Abi Alton secures a spot in the Final Four of the Girls category on X Factor, UK.

    Hair, makeup and fashion stylists for the show have already given her a makeover and we LOVE this organic look complete with twin braids and the tiny floral hair clips.

    Coiff this simple yet timeless look youself:

    • Comb your hair straight back away from your face and give it a push at the crown to find your natural part.
    • Let your hair fall where it naturally where it wants to fall.
    • Place 2 drops of Redken Diamond Oil in your hands and run it through your hair from mid-shaft to the ends.
    • Using your Sam Villa Sleekr® Flat Iron use the Ribbon Curl Technique all over the head (see video). Remember, the larger the section the looser the curl will be. If you take a small section the curl will be tighter.
    • Begin to plait a braid at each side of the part at the hairline – secure the braid with a hair friendly elastic about 3/4 of the way down each section.
    • Lightly spritz Redken shine flash 02 over the entire head for a beautiful all over shine.
    • Place your barrette or clip on one side of the braids to finish.

    You can easily make the clips/barrettes at home! Here's what you need:

    • Small fabric flowers
    • Plastic rectangular barrette or metal hair clip
    • Nail file
    • Hot glue gun
    • Wire cutter

    You have your materials, now let's create!

    1. Use the nail file to rough up the surface of the plastic barrette or metal clip.
    2. Use the wire cutter to cut the fabric flowers from the stem.
    3. Hot glue the flowers to the top of barrette or clip, at random, be sure to cluster the flowers on the surface so it does not show through.
    4. Once you have all the flowers glued to the surface, turn the barrette or clip on its sides and dab hot glue between the flowers to secure them.
    5. Allow to completely dry and remove any strings from the glue.

    Try this at home and share your results on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using #SamVillaHowTo.