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The Chantell Hairstyle How To | Lindsey Olson 2015 NAHA Collection

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

    Lindsey Olson is a seasoned stylist who thrives on inspiration. Her passion and dedication to this industry is truly felt in her innovative creations as a nominee in the 2015 North American Hairstylist Award category for Contemporary Classic & Texture.  Click here to jump to our exclusive Q&A with Lindsey as she explains her journey for entering NAHA.


    The Chantell Hairstyle

    Chantell’s look was done in a way to incorporate vintage and editorial, together-old and new. I envisioned the clothes and makeup to look very undone, as previously stated, disheveled and almost dirty but at the same time I obviously wanted the hair to stand out-not loud but definitely noticeable.

    Chantell Hairstyle NAHA 2015 Lindsey Olson NAHA 2015 Contemporary Classic & Texture Category
    Photographer: Nico lliev | Hair: Lindsey Olson | Make up: James Vincent | Wardrobe Stylist: Miranda Cazin | Models: Fenton
    Styling Tools of Choice
    Styling Product of Choice
    Color Of Choice - Rich, Supple Dark Brown Color
    Chantell Hairstyle How To
    • Work guts 10 into each section blow drying with direction to the top left of the head - this will created the foundation for the look.
    • Evenly distribute pillow proof primer and full frame 07 to damp hair and perform a directional blow dry with the Sam Villa Ionic Blow Dryer and Styling Brush to the top of the head - off-set to the left:
    • Once the hair is completely dry use cord to create a butchers knot secured pony tail.
    • Holding all the hair in one hand, continuously brush all of the hair into that open hand.
    • Work the Sam Villa Texture Iron throughout a bundle of hair extensions to create volume in the extensions.
    • Wrap the extensions around the pony tail base to create more length.
    • Secured the extensions with bobby pins to the base of the pony tail.
    • Spray control addict 28 all over the hair then brushed out hair and extension hair together.
    • Wrap the hair up into the shape, widening the hair out to enlarge the look.
    • Continue working with control addict 28 securing all the hair with a mix of hair pins and bobby pins.
    • Use fingers to pull the shape taller.
    • Finish with control addict 28 to secure formation of the shape.


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