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The Directional Blow Dry

Lya Navarra

Author Lya Navarra

Red Carpet Look?  Check!

Can this Look be achieved on your own without a trip to the salon?  Check!

It’s all in the blow dry and a classic blow dry, at that!

Tools of Choice:

Products of Choice:

Step By Step:

  • Shake the Redken Pillow Proof blow dry express primer well and spray evenly into wet hair
  • Evenly distribute with a wide tooth comb
  • Scrunch the hair a bit with a towel to deplete excess moisture
  • Place a golf ball size of Redken Full Frame 07 protective volumizing mousse into the palm of one hand
  • Apply to the hair with your fingertips from scalp to ends
  • Evenly distribute with a wide tooth comb
  • Create a deep side part
  • Begin drying the hair in a directional movement back and forth across the head to create volume by using the head as a big roller
    • Front to back
    • Back to front
    • Side to side
  • Pay close attention to both the heavy side of the head and the light side of the head
    • You want to blow dry the hair back and close to the head on the light side
  • Once you have the hair 80% dry, go into the heavy side of the part with either the 1.5” or 2” thermal brush – it will depend on the length and amount of hair you have
  • Bring the thermal brush straight out from the scalp at about a 100 degree angle –slightly over directed from straight out of the head
  • Aim the dryer nozzle to the back of the section and follow through, throughout the entire top of the head
  • For both of the sides and the back, from the occipital downward (the area of the head that curves, just above the ears and just above the nape), bring your thermal brush over the top of your sections and give a slight ‘flick’ in an upward motion to the ends of the hair
  • Go back into the top of the heavy side and gently back comb this area paying close attention to your foundation – back comb at the base only, close to the scalp
  • Spray with Redken Quick Tease 15 backcombing finishing spray to hold the backcombing in place
  • Take your Sam Villa Styling brush and gently brush over the back combing (to smooth it out without disturbing the foundation) and follow through to the ends
  • Finish the ends off with the Sam Villa Sleekr Flat Iron to the ends only to accentuate the slight ‘flick’ of the ends
  • Complete the look and add long lasting hold with Redken Control Addict 28 extra high hold hair spray – spray at least 6 inches away and apply to entire head

Now that you've learned the concept behind directional blow drying, check out this tutorial to create an edgy, sexy and simple hairstyle. Get the how-to here!!

Be sure to share your Directional Blow Drying results on Instagram and use the hashtag #samvilla, we want to see!!