The Great Gatsby Short Hairstyle Tutorial

Modern '20s Short Hairstyle Inspired by the Great Gatsby

Short hair is all the rage. However, when you have that black tie event it can be a little mystifying what to do with your short locks. This sassy short hairstyle looks amazing with a tank top or an evening gown. It is fast and can be done on wet or dry hair. It’s an amazing bathroom makeover when the need strikes.

Gatsby Short Hair 1
Gatsby Short Hair 2
Gatsby Short Hair 3

Using your Sam Villa Styling Comb, create a deep side part. Apply two quarter-size dollops of Redken hardware 16 super strong hair gel. Begin by layering the product around the face until it is damp. Hot Tip: Combing the hair into a circular pattern will allow the waves to form gently without force.

Gatsby Short Hair 4
Gatsby Short Hair 5
Gatsby Short Hair 6
Gatsby Short Hair 7
Gatsby Short Hair 8
Gatsby Short Hair 9
Gatsby Short Hair 10

Comb the light side of your part back. Take a diagonal section from your hairline to the back of the ear. Create a pin curl shape by pinching the ends and curving the section into a curl. Secure with a bobby pin until dry and then remove. This creates a strong detail and sass to your look.

Gatsby Short Hair 11
Gatsby Short Hair 12

Move on to your heavy side and comb your hair, creating a curved shape. Place your finger at the center of the wave to hold the shape as you comb the section towards your face.

Gatsby Short Hair 13
Gatsby Short Hair 14
Gatsby Short Hair 15
Gatsby Short Hair 16

Continue to hold the curve with your finger and swing of the ends back around the ear. Secure with a bobby at the ear connection until dry and then remove.

Gatsby Short Hair 17
Gatsby Short Hair Finished Look

Allow your look to dry naturally...this process should take no more than 35 minutes depending on the density of your hair. If you find yourself needing to dry your look faster, simply attach the diffuser to your Sam Villa E-T.C. Light Ionic Blow Dryer and diffuse the section dry.

Gatsby Short Hair Finished Look with Headband

This is a beautiful foundation that allows you to layer accessories. Try is with a beaded headband for a vintage inspired look. We used the Amelia Headband (gold) by Pink Pewter in our finished look.

Do you love this short hairstyle and want more? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. Tell us what you would love to learn! And be sure to give this a try at home, then share your photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using #SamVillaHowTo.

Production Team: Geneva Cowen

Model: Jana

Photographer: Shalem Mathew