Lindsey Olson is a seasoned stylist who thrives on inspiration. Her passion and dedication to this industry is truly felt in her innovative creations as a nominee in the 2015 North American Hairstylist Award category for Contemporary Classic & Texture.  Click here to jump to our exclusive Q&A with Lindsey as she explains her journey for entering NAHA.


The Kristina Hairstyle

Kristina’s look is a defined and classic shape. I was going for an image that would always seem beautiful, even 20 years from now-nothing current or trendy. I exaggerated the shape to make it stand out well.

[caption id="attachment_5257" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Kristina NAHA hairstyle by Lindsey Olson NAHA 2015 Contemporary Classic & Texture Category
Photographer: Nico lliev | Hair: Lindsey Olson | Make up: James Vincent | Wardrobe Stylist: Miranda Cazin | Models: Fenton.[/caption]


Styling Tools of Choice
Styling Product of Choice
  • Redken pillow proof blow dry express primer.
  • Redken Satinwear 02 prepping blow-dry lotion.
  • Redken guts 10 volume spray foam.
  • Redken iron shape 11 finishing thermal spray – heat protection spray.
  • Redken wax blast 10 high impact finishing spray wax.
Color Of Choice - Rich, Supple Dark Brown Color
  • Global Application – Redken Shades EQ Gloss.
  • 06C & 06AA - Colors were rotated to create dimension.
Kristina Hairstyle How To
  • Evenly distribute pillow proof primer and satinwear 02 to damp hair.
  • Perform a directional blow dry using the Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer and Styling Brush focusing the direction of the hair to the top crown (in 1/4 inch sections at a time) applying guts 10 to the root area of each section until completely dry.
  • Work the Sam Villa Texture Iron on the mid-shaft and ends in ¼ inch sections applying iron shape 11 for thermal protection.
    • Leave out root area.
  • Use cord to create a butchers knot ponytail in the crown area leaving out 3 inches of hair around the front, sides and back.
  • Spray the textured portion of the hair with wax blast 10.
  • Brush out the ends with the Styling Brush to explode the volume.
  • Wrap the ends of the pony tail around a large hair form securing with bobby pins to the form.
  • Once hair form is covered wrap remaining hair that was left out; front sides and back - around the center form.
  • Use fingers to rub out loose hairs around face to add more texture and movement.


Finishing hair is the most important element for very special occasions and moments in guests’ life. It's amazing how we, as hairdressers, have the ability to influence a day, a week or a lifetime!

The passion we instill in our work every day behind the chair is the necessary drive to take on something this big. As stated earlier, I never imagined I would be a NAHA finalist. I just knew it was something I wanted to do, I went into it with all my heart and soul and once it came down to the actual shoot I eventually just let the creative juices flow.

Yes, we CAN do anything we set out to do with goals and planning! And it is extremely rewarding to accomplish goals; accomplishment gives us the freedom and excitement to move on to the next goal, no matter how big or small.

It doesn't matter where you come from or where you want to go, we can all achieve our dreams as long as we try.

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