The Ponytail Roll with Drop Outs | Combining Elegance and Simplicity

The Roll is a classic up style that has been around for quite some time and can be worn by just about anyone! We have the perfect technique to add even more elegance to this traditional up style, making it the perfect go-to romantic look.

Before we begin, you need to learn how to create a perfect sleek and classic ponytail. This will balance out the profile and start you off with a solid foundation! Watch the video tutorial here.

We have shown you rolls with exposed ponytail stems but for an even more elegant upstyle, we've got an alternate technique to disguise the stem.

Our model already has the sleek ponytail and for this look we leave ‘drop-outs’ of hair on both sides to work into the look at the finish. The drop-outs were taken at the parietal ridge from the front to just about the ear.

Tools Recommended For This Technique

Creating The Ponytail

  • Begin by dividing the ponytail into sections with elastics
  • Go in ‘square’ with your fingers and pinch where you want to lace the elastic – approximately 1/3 of the way down the ponytail
  • Place an elastic around your thumb, index and forefinger - the key is to get the elastics into the pony without disturbing the hair above the elastic
  • With the thumb of your opposite hand, pull the hair from underneath and through the elastic
  • Tighten up by bringing your index finger and thumb into the elastic
  • Turn and pull the hair through the elastic again
  • Open the end of a long grip
  • Come in from above with the long end of the grip against the hair and place into elastic

NOTE: Since our model’s hair is very long we will place another elastic into the hair leaving out about 3 inches at the bottom.  We work the same technique as above, taking care not to disturb the hair that will sit above the elastic.

Time To Begin "The Roll"

  • Begin at the bottom of the ponytail and begin to roll the pony up and under
  • Secure the roll underneath the pony stem with the long grip that you placed into the first elastic
  • Once secured with the long grip spread the roll out to where you want it
  • Secure both sides of the roll with long hair pins

Placing The Drop-Outs

  • Pull one of the drop-outs back and drape across the stem of the ponytail
  • Follow through with the drop-out underneath the roll and let go – it will stay

  • Pull the opposite drop-outs back and drape across the stem of the ponytail
  • Follow through with the drop-out underneath the roll and let go
  • Pick up a long grip and place into the end of one of the drop outs
  • Wrap the hair of the drop-out around the grip and secure underneath
  • Repeat on opposite side

You now have a beautiful roll without an exposed stem – simple, classic and elegant!  Once you have the sleek ponytail mastered, this technique will only take about five minutes to create!  The VALUE is in the short amount of time to create the look – especially for that last minute guest who needs a ‘do’ for a special occasion that may not have been planned for ahead of time.

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