The Stefani Bump

Gwen Stefani has managed to stay true to herself and her style for over a decade now.  She’s easily known for her classic red lips and platinum locks.  Want to know how to create one of her many fun hairstyles?  Here’s how to get the “Stefani Bump” instead of the “Snooki Bump”!

Using your fingers, find the “Mohawk” section of your head.  If your hairline naturally recedes, use that line.  You can also find it either by the arch of your eyebrows or where your head starts to round.


Create a horseshoe shaped section on the top of your head.


Taking 1” horizontal sections throughout the horseshoe section, spray Redken Quick Tease 15 at the roots to give texture to the base.


Following the same 1” sections using the fine teeth of your Sam Villa Short Styling Comb to backcomb the base of each section until you get to the front.


Now to the sides… spray a moderate amount of Redken Fashion Work 12 hairspray through the sides and slick straight back with the Sam Villa Styling Brush.


Immediately use your Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer to set the hairspray and maintain the shape.


Use your Sam Villa Styling Brush to gently smooth the top layer of your horseshoe section without pulling any backcombing out.


Pulling sides back as smooth and tight as possible, crisscross two bobby pins to secure into place.


Make sure the top and sides are somewhat connected with no obvious spaces or holes.




This style is so fun because you can make it as chic or crazy as you want!  You can even try putting it into a ponytail.  Or curl the ends.  Whatever you decide to do, you now have a good foundation for many timeless yet trendy looks!