This Is One Hair Brush That Everyone Should Own

We all have an extensive collection of brushes for a vast variety of styling options. And one brush that is often overlooked, one we all need to be sure to have on hand, is a Styling Brush. The most popular Styling Brushes in the market place include a combination of boar and nylon bristles. Some are manufactured with just boar bristles and some with just nylon bristles. We prefer the combination of boar and nylon for the purpose of multiple usage and control.

Sam Villa Styling Brush

Regular Hair Brushing
  • Boar bristles stimulate the scalp and release natural oils in the hair – resulting in shinier hair
  • Great brush for retailing to your clients in the salon!
Blow Drying
  • The nylon bristles gently capture and pull the hair into the boar bristles imparting thorough tension for directional blow drying
  • The arched-shaped bristle cushion gives a loose wave texture to the hair vs. a tighter wave texture with a round brush
Smoothing Up Styles

Styling Brushes that include Tourmaline infused nylon bristles add additional shine when the heat of a blow dryer comes in contact with Tourmaline, it aids in closing the cuticle. The combination of boar bristles to evenly distribute the natural oils in the hair and Tourmaline infused nylon bristles to close the cuticle ensure an extremely polished finish.

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