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Up Style How To: Bubbles - A Modern And Fresh Updo From Sam Villa

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

Let’s awaken the Up Style! The "Bubbles” technique has turned into a show favorite and stylists are using this technique and customizing it in the salon to create some incredible up styles!

What you are going to experience here is ‘wow factor”! This technique is really simple and if anything takes time it’s the sectioning and the placement of the bands. You will want to create this look on longer hair.

Tools you will need:

  • Professional texturizing iron.
  • Hair-friendly elastic bands – color to match the hair.
  • Hair Pins – with one foot of the pin bent out and upward about ¼” – this will allow the pins to stay in the hair and not slip out.

You’ll get the sectioning in the video clip – there are six of them.

  • Begin by texturizing the entire head with Sam’s Textur Texturizing Iron – this iron will give the Bubbles a much plumper look and feel.
  • Once completed, create your 6 sections of ponytails.
  • Using your hair-friendly elastic bands, place them around the ponytails at about 2-3 thumbs apart of the entire length of each ponytail.

Now you are ready to make the ‘Bubbles”:

  • Take piece of hair from the end of your ponytail and hold on to it.
  • While holding on to the piece of hair at the end of the ponytail in one hand, take hold of the last elastic with the other hand and push toward the next elastic.
  • You will see the hair form your first ‘Bubble’.
  • Keep hold of the small amount of hair at the end of the ponytail and go to your next elastic and push.
  • You can make the ‘Bubbles’ all the same size or change them up.
  • Repeat by pushing the elastics until you have gotten to the one closest to the scalp.
  • Rouge the ends of each ponytail.
  • NOTE – You can start from the elastic closest to the scalp for the same effect – keeping hold of the piece of hair at the end of the ponytail.
  • Once you have all the ponytails ‘Bubbled’ you can begin to pin them into any position you want – get creative and have fun with it!

Hot Tip: Another great look for this technique is to slick the hair back and isolate only 2 ponytails in the back of the head – stunning!

Sam will show you a great trick he learned from Australian Redken Artist Lorna Evans at the end of the video using a shammy cloth to get the ‘midnight vs. 6pm’ look – try this for a more editorial, organic and sexy look!