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What Shears Should You Carry In Your Stylist Kit And Why

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

Sam came from the world of precision cutting and his favorite professional shear at the time was a 5.5”, he used it for everything!

Obviously, he is in a different time and place these days and he knows the value of having options with shears of all different blade lengths.

In the video above Sam speaks about three different lengths of shears and why he uses them for todays’ cuts:

  • Short shear: 5.75” Wet Cutting Shear - when working on precision cuts and when he needs to get into tighter spots, say, around the ear and doing undercuts
  • Medium length shear: 6.25 Wet Cutting Shear - for medium length cuts, such as Bobs as he does not have to open and close the shear as much as he would with a shorter blade
  • Longest shear: Dry Cutting Shear - for most of what he cuts theses days as he is compressing larger sections of hair resulting in softer edges

In Sam’s travels, he finds that most of the stylists he is teaching use the same shear for every cut. He wants us to think more about what we are doing and why. In the end we find by diversifying our choice of shears we work smarter.