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Why Taking New Guests On a Salon Tour Is Great For Business

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

In today's world it's so important to have business solutions for the salon owner and the stylists to increase business! We have another video featuring Kristi Valenzuela from Crystal Focus today and the topic is the importance on taking your new guests on a welcome tour of your salon before they meet their new stylist for the first time.

We aren't talking about a "blueprint" tour...it goes so much deeper! A tour is every salon's opportunity to shine! Think of your welcome tour as your infomercial, your showcase, and your opportunity to promote your salon to your new guest for the best first impression!

Watch This Video To Learn:

  • Why the tour is essential for any size salon -- 600 square feet or 6000 square feet.
  • Why a 'script' is necessary.
  • How and when to begin the tour.
  • Spotlighting along the way.

Let's watch Kristi as she takes us through the steps of what a welcome tour may look like in your salon.

Turn your Front Desk into a money maker!