YOUfirst Series Article #1 - 8 Reasons Self-Care isn’t Selfish

"Throughout my career, I've learned how important self-care is... not only for my own personal well-being, but for those I serve… my clients, my friends, and most importantly my family. I know that if I don't take care of myself, I simply don't have the energy to care for and be present with those I love the most. In the 35+ years I've known Bobbi Foster-Kelly, she has always been an advocate for self-care. A constant reminder to take care of yourself first!"
—Sam Villa
At Sam Villa we know that living best is more than having good posture behind the chair and using the best ergonomic tools- it's also about our attitude, our energy, our relationships and what we individually present to the world. It's about our personal health and well being.
Because we so strongly believe in this message, we’re partnering with Bobbi Foster-Kelly in a collaboration project called YOU first! This is the first in a series of articles that will provide you with tools and techniques to support your own personal journey of self-care. Our hope is that this journey will have a profound impact on helping you to live your best life… Body, Mind and Spirit. Enjoy!

The term “self-care” has become a buzzword that we’re all familiar with- a trendy hot topic… but what exactly does it mean and why is it important?

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Let’s start with what self-care ISN’T

  • It’s not just yoga, bubble baths and going to the spa
  • It’s not self-indulgence
  • It isn’t selfish

We’ve all heard the flight attendant say as we’re preparing for take-off… “in case of an emergency, put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.” What if we apply that principle in our own lives?

Because if we don’t take care of ourselves, we simply don’t have the strength or energy to take care of others!

It’s a matter of survival!

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Now let’s explore what self-care IS

Self-care is taking care of and honoring your body, mind, and spirit in a way that activates and supports your best self.

  • It’s discipline
  • It’s a conscious decision
  • It’s necessary… to live a happy, productive and balanced life!

Self-care is about…

  • Doing small things that make you happy… every single day
  • Having the power to say no- to make your own choices
  • Doing things in moderation and having the freedom to do nothing when you need to
  • Setting boundaries and honoring your top priorities
  • Loosening your grip on trying to control life
  • Asking for help when you need it
  • Listening to the calling of your heart
  • Celebrating your wins and also the simple, ordinary things in life
  • Doing things like: practicing gratitude and forgiveness, journaling, meditating, learning new things
  • Maintaining good health for long term sustainability behind the chair (or table)

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Eight Reasons to Practice Self-Care:

Self-care prevents ‘overload’ and burnout

Burnout happens when you do the same thing over and over and over… Day after day.
"Lather, Rinse, Repeat!" Remember the movie Groundhog Day?!
We have to bust out of our routine and do things that make our soul sing- things that fill us up and make us happy!


Self-care helps keep you grounded

In your body… in the present, not always focused on or obsessed about your schedule, your to-do list, what's next. Get out of your head. Get into your body.

The easiest way to do that is to notice when you're in your head too much and stop to breathe! You can also simply tell that little voice to just stop talking!

Self-care reduces the negative effects of stress

Stress can be a good thing if you don't stay there long. It can help you learn from your triggers and make changes… but staying in stress too long can take a toll on you physically, mentally and emotionally. Notice when you're feeling stress and do something to slow it down. Take a few breaths, focus on your heart and think of someone or something you love. Keep breathing. In just a couple minutes, you'll be de-stressed!


Self-care beats physical and emotional fatigue

This is like tending a garden. If you let it get overgrown… it’s so much harder to manage. If you pull a few weeds a day, cut back a few flowers that have run their course or rake a few leaves- your garden (YOU) maintains its beauty without a lot of effort. The key is to take care of yourself- a little bit every day so the weeds don’t take over the beauty! Notice when your body, mind and spirit are feeling tired and take time to give them a little love and attention!


Self-care helps you refocus

Without a few self-care routines, your mind goes into hyperdrive! A busy mind prevents you from thinking clearly and making rational decisions. It can cause you to react emotionally, instead of calmly responding to a situation. It can affect your ability to focus on the project at hand, or to the people you love and care for. Notice when your mind is racing and slow it down! You can do that simply by breathing. Oh, and remember… you can also tell that little voice to just stop talking!

Self-care creates sustainable inner peace

Another symptom of a busy mind is too much work. The further we get from inner peace, the harder it is to get it back. Not having a sense of inner peace wreaks all sorts of havoc on the inside and the outside! Pay attention to the signs that point to uneasiness inside. Your body and mind will give you signals if you just listen for them. (Hint: the opposite of inner peace is stress)


Self-care increases self-concept and confidence

Do you ever notice that when you're tired you can find every "flaw" in yourself? You beat yourself up for things that often aren't even real! "My hair… my body… my outfit…my life!" Do you ever notice when you're feeling good… there's a whole lot of self-love flowing and none of these negative self judgements come up?! Your little voice sounds more like… "Man, I look good today!" That's the one you want to listen to!

Self-care maintains your energy

Your energy is what keeps you going (and those around you). When it’s low, you’re susceptible to all kinds of negative things (and people)! You have to keep your batteries charged…. just like you keep your phone charged! Don’t let yourself get down to one bar before you plug in! Keep your battery charged by doing things that make you happy!

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Self-care changes the ebb and flow of our lives

It's about self-awareness and how we sustain ourselves from the inside out. It becomes our fuel for showing up, giving back, and supporting one another.

It's simply about taking time for ourselves.

"The easiest promises to break are promises we make to ourselves"

So, keep your promise to yourself. Commit. Develop a daily self-care practice.

Return when you forget. And always, always…listen to your soul… it knows!


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Have you done something good for yourself today?

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