Signature Series Cutting Stool


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Say goodbye to sore feet, aching shoulders and a stiff back! No more hunching over to get a better view for detail cutting. Instead, cut hair sitting down with your guest exactly at eye level. The thick memory foam seat, supportive backrest and adjustable footrest help you work safely comfortably. Maintain good posture through your back, neck, and shoulders for a long, healthy career. Protect your body with our Signature Series Hair Cutting Chair.

  • Black seat and backrest
  • Stainless steel frame
  • 4.5" memory foam contoured cushion
  • Air pneumatic pump (short and high included)
  • Bike seat style cushion
  • Stainless steel adjustable footrest
  • Premium rollerblade wheels for easy gliding
  • Sam Villa® logo is embossed on the front and the Sam Villa heart+hand logo is embossed on the back of backrest
  • Travel Range:
    • Standard: 21" - 26"
    • Extra High: 26" - 36"
  • 350 lb. weight capacity
  • Minor assembly is required
  • Extra High Seat Width: 14.5"
  • Extra High Seat Depth: 15"
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Product Details

Rest and Protect Your Body

Do you feel pain in your back, legs, neck, shoulders or feet at the end of a long day? This Hair Cutting Chair is designed to let you cut hair at eye level while sitting down. This not only gives your feet a much-needed break, it also helps you maintain proper posture through your neck and back. The seat height and footrest are easy to adjust, so you can always get your body position just right. Take care of your body today and keep doing what you love for years to come.

Supportive and Comfortable

Take a break from standing and give your body some well-deserved rest. The thick memory foam cushion is contoured for an ultra-comfortable seat, and the backrest helps you maintain positive ergonomics through your spine.

Easy-Glide Rollerblade Wheels

Never get hair caught in your wheels again! The rollerblade wheels on the Signature Series Hair Cutting Chair float smoothly and effortlessly around the salon. They glide over cut hair without picking it up. A five-leg star base gives you added stability.