Shear Care Kit


Proper maintenance is essential to keep your Sam Villa shears in top condition. This all-in-one shear care kit includes all the essentials you need to maintain your shears for maximum performance. Wherever your career takes you, grab the convenient tin box and be ready to care for your tools like a true artisan. With regular cleaning and maintenance, your shears will continue to serve you for years to come.

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Maintain Your Investment

Your shears are a critical investment in your career. When the blades get covered with hair, product residue, moisture and chemicals, they can become dull and rusted. Regular cleaning and maintenance keeps your tools in peak condition for maximum performance. It helps the blades stay sharp for longer and extends the life of your valuable shears.

All-in-One Care Kit

Get the tools you need to properly maintain your Sam Villa shears. This convenient maintenance kit includes the following shear care essentials:

  • One professional chamois cloth to clean and/or dry your shears
  • Six finger ring inserts in a range of sizes
  • One tension adjustment key
  • One Sam Villa Oil Pen

All of these items come inside a Sam Villa branded tin box for safe and easy storage. Keep your shear care tools neatly organized at your work station, or grab the box and be ready to maintain your shears on the go.